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7th-Jan-2014 11:57 pm - 2013 in review
yes, i know, 2014 is well underway, but the end of the year is busy and i'm too Irish to do a year-in-review thing until the year is actually over, anyway, so...! first of all, some stats... my AO3 stats and some thoughts on AO3Collapse )
onto some questions!!Collapse )

i'mma gonna post something on tumblr, too, about how i'm adjusting to tumblr. and here it is... my thoughts on tumblr
2nd-Jan-2014 04:00 am - 2014 trope bingo card
go round and round
ah, so the third round of [community profile] trope_bingo has begun, you can sign up here until May 15. this time, it's running all year, so the deadlines are extended. i think that's nice, gives more impetus to try for a blackout. anyway!! here is my card...

the tropes!Collapse )
2nd-Jan-2013 04:09 am - bingo card
got you got me
so, i decided to sign up for [community profile] trope_bingo, because i've been wanting to do a bingo-challenge for a bit now, and this seems eminently doable. i'm just posting the card here so it'll be in an unscreened post. the fics will be posted to my AO3 as per my new usual, though i will amend the card with links as i go along.

ok, so, table under hereCollapse )

14th-Sep-2012 05:50 am - ★ ☆
Hikago Deathmatch!!

so, yes, i participated in Hikago Deathmatch. I was Kyuba on team Ichigaya. my teammates were Kageyama and Qem. (i will post my other teammate's name when i'm sure it's ok...) my fics were:

Round 1 bitter: The Apple and the Tree, Ogata
Round 2 salty: Oral Sex and Tears Taste Kinda the Same, teen!Ashiwara, teen!Saeki
Round 3 umami: our bye week
Round 4 sour: the Unknowns, Akira and Hikaru
Round 5: sweet: ...it's all Yang Hai's fault, Waya, Yang Hai, Isumi, Le Ping
Round 5.5: spicy: 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes, Touya Kouyo and Akiko
FINALS!!: metallic: Forging Steel, Touya Kouyo and Morishita Shigeo

i'll be posting these to AO3, but please feel free to comment to those posts, if'n you like, i'm tracking comments on 'em, so...

and my teammates' works, which i'd obviously recommend:

bitter, AMV
A May 5th, Semi-Silent Film, A Salty Taste, a Vidstory
A Sour Taste Left Behind, AMV
savoy truffle, AMV and fic
Silly, really, ficlet
19 x 19, fic and icons

The story of Isumi & The story of Ogata, fic/art
Satellite, FST
that umeboshi story, fic with art
Together, AMV and fic
Ogata's Spice!, AMV
a story, fic and FST

and recs!!Collapse )

please read and enjoy!! deathmatch was awesome with good fanworks, so...! oh, and no one guessed for me, so no writing.

♥ Kyuba ^_~
11th-Sep-2012 05:59 am - Hikago Deathmatch and announcement
firstly... i've decided to post all new fics from now on to my shiny new AO3 account, [archiveofourown.org profile] trixiechick. i'm not closing this community, as i'll still use it for discussion, sales posts, recs, and reviews, as i have in the past, but i won't post new fics here anymore. they will now go to AO3. if there is anyone following this comm that has a serious desire for links to be posted here, let me know. otherwise, you can just assume that this is how it is for now. thanks!!

in other news, for a little over a month now, [community profile] hikarunogo has been running a deathmatch! right now, the final round is going, and the two last teams are still awaitin' votes. firstly, if you haven't voted yet, or haven't been aware of it yet, go and check it out! the finals are right here. you don't need to have a dw account to vote, but i believe you need to join that comm using openid or something, as there were problems with possible troll voting in the early rounds.

however, i'm too much of a blind goer to just let this go, so...

How about some guessing fun???

i participated in deathmatch. right now, all the fics that are going to posted to deathmatch have been posted, and can be read here: [personal profile] uchikomi.

Can you guess which pseudonym is mine??

Any incorrect guess will win a 100-250 word ficlet from me!
Guess my team, but the wrong member, and get a 251-400 word ficlet from me!
Guess me correctly, and win a 401-1000 word ficcie from me!!

Pretty simple, right?? once finals are over and all participants are free to reveal themselves, i'll go ahead and reveal.

Comment to this post, give me your guess and your prompt for a ficlet (i would prefer a prompt for a fandom i'm familiar with, but just give me whatever prompt you like, and i'll let you know if it's a no-go.) You can change your guess if you like just by commenting again. i'll go based on your last guess. i think friday is when it'll all be over, so i'll do my best to get the ficlets written this weekend. (Er... assuming anyone guesses...) All comments will be screened during the guessing phase, but i'll probably unscreen to reply when it's over.

Enjoy reading, there's PLENTY of good deathmatch stuff out there (and when i reveal myself, i'll also have a bunch of recs, cuz seriously, there was a LOT of good stuff posted in the past month-and-change). and vote, if you so choose!!

13th-Jul-2012 08:56 pm - Natsume Yuujinchou: with you
well, i'm dipping my toe into a new fandom... =X

with you, Natsume and TanumaCollapse )
19th-Jun-2012 12:31 pm - blind go fics
it's been so long since i've updated that two rounds of blind_go have come and gone. firstly, by round 012 fic:

Nine Stars, A new crew begins a new era aboard the Starship Fujiwara

and then, my round 013 fic... which was unfinished when i submitted it to bg. and by 'unfinished,' i mean, 'the chunk i posted was only 10-12% of the whole and completely misleading on its own, plus i neglected to put any kind of reference to its unfinished nature at the end.' yes. i win!! sooooo. err. here is the COMPLETED. and VERY VERY long fic... if you've already read the chunk on bg, you can skip to the second cut. i did do some small clean-ups on the first chunk, but nothing major or structurally changing, so.

Complex -- posted to blind goCollapse )
beginning of the rest of the fic, not posted to blind goCollapse )

29th-Aug-2011 05:08 am - Incidentals: Confession
writing the last incidentals piece spawned this one as well, so...

Incidentals: Confession, Angel has something she needs to ask BruceCollapse )
6th-Aug-2011 04:43 am - Incidentals: Waking Up
sparks fly!
ahboy. this is where i show my age... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, i wrote this whole series of Batman fics for Dick/Tim called Incidentals. the initial stories were written back when i was very green and comics continuity has been entirely rewritten about a dozen times since, so there isn't a single part of this that's really recognizable anymore... but... sometime in that halcyon past i promised this fic to rithy, and i finally finished it. .... sighs.

please enjoy??

Incidentals: Waking UpCollapse )
3rd-Jun-2011 05:10 am - blind go round 11!
i'm... late, as always, but... the reveal is in, and i wrote three fics for round 11...

beach, destiny, life
Brilliant Years

so, er, i was ayatori. yes.

the usual scattered rambling...Collapse )

so, there's another round of blind go done... and it seems i only post here when there's blind goness. eep. well. i have a couple of fics to write, so... ^_^;;;
5th-May-2011 12:57 am - blind game again!
yup, once again, it's blind go guessing time, round 011! you can read the fics at that post, or here at answer_key. if you like Hikaru no Go, what are you still doing here?? go read! comment! enjoy! guess!?!

guess?? yeah. i'm one of the four multiple submitters. you ready? OK. leave a guess for me here, and you could win a PRIZE. a FICCY PRIZE.

Everyone who guesses will get a ficlet request!
If you get it right, your ficlet request will be bumped up to a full-blown fic (longer than a thousand words)! ^_~

SO, to this screened post, please leave your guess, AND your requests!!

happy reading!!
26th-Feb-2011 02:05 pm - bind go mini-round 003!
well, well, blind_go's speed round, all or nothing, is... almost over! whee! fic directory is here, and you can also read the fics at answer_key. there's some real gems in there, so if you like Hikaru no Go, i'd suggest checking it out! ^_^

alsoooooo, there's ONE fic of mine in there. wanna guess at which one it is? please, do!! here's a treat for you!

Everyone who guesses will get a ficlet request!
If you get it right, your ficlet request will be bumped up to a full-blown fic! ^_~

SO, to this screened post, please leave your guess, AND your request!!

happy reading!!
4th-Oct-2010 05:29 am - blind go round 10 fics
color my music
Here are my fics from round 10 of blind_go:


a few very brief thoughtsCollapse )

er... enjoy?? (that seems redundant...)
5th-May-2010 12:28 pm - HnG: the Bride
go round and round
it's been so long since i posted fic here... i have to remember how to do it. =p annyyyyyway... blind go fics are up! you can also read them at answer_key. yes, one of mine is in there. i'd suggest that you could find it by its absolute inadequacy, buuuut. *coughs* i'm not offering a guessing challenge this round, but please go ahead and read all the great fics and have fun guessing there!! ^_^

this fic was begun with the intention of being part of this round of blind go, but i just didn't have time. which is probably just as well, because there was no way to fit it in the length limit without dividing it into three fics, which woulda been cheating (kind of.) so, providence... oddly, for someone who loves short fics, all my ideas this round were longer. sighs.

please enjoy?? ^_^;;

the BrideCollapse )
1st-Nov-2009 04:21 am - ficbits
color my music
these are supposedly for halloween, but that was yesterday... ahwells!! ^_^;;; poorly proofed, and by that i mean not proofed at all, but hopefully you can glean some enjoyment from them. ^_^

heero, duo, trowa - beggar's night, for sunnieCollapse )
shindou, touya, trick-or-treating, for minaCollapse )
tezuka, fuji, shopping for a halloween costume, for petaloveCollapse )
heero, duo, ghosts, for clareCollapse )
i don't know if that qualifies as CUTE per se, but... not scary??? ^_^;;;;

and, a few bonuses...

Patrick and Lisbon, The Mentalist, cutscene from episode 26 (2-03) Red BadgeCollapse )
Wolverine and the X-Men, Emma Frost and ScottCollapse )
23rd-Oct-2009 09:57 pm - blind go round 008!
color my music
this post is so late, it's ridiculous, and yet...

the blind go reveal is up for a long while now... so the 'suspense' is over...

i was Suzumura, so my two fics were...
Akiko's Scrapbook
Waiting for the King

very brief round-upCollapse )
20th-Sep-2009 02:47 am - blind game again!
got you got me
blind_go round 008 is up -- you can read the fics at answer_key or by going to the directory post. i have at least one fic (aha!) posted there. think you know which one is it? go for it and guess!

this didn't work out so well last time (ahahahah) but if you're right, i'll write you a wee something! so go ahead, guess, you can have up to three guesses, and maybe you'll 'win!'

23rd-Aug-2009 03:09 pm - PoT, Bones, X/Japan, DGM, and GW
color my music
Here are five wee ficlets, promised to friends aggessssss ago. =X at least they're finally done??? ^_^;; i apologize if these are poorly proofed. hopefully, not, since i was aiming for specific wordcounts. enjoy???

D for Data, Inui, 329 (blue)Collapse )
G for Gun, Brennan and Booth (or Brennan/Booth, whichever), 444 (fishpatrol)Collapse )
H for Harley, Taiji/Yoshiki, 498 (aisoku)Collapse )
L for Lingering, Cross/Allen, 489 (postingwhore)Collapse )
M for Midnight, Heero/Duo, 500 (sunnie)Collapse )
R for Roses, Atobe and Fuji, 500 (peta-love)Collapse )
28th-May-2009 04:37 am - music review: Ken, VAMPS, Tori
color my music
no, this isn't fic, but in the spirit of my l'arc music review, i wanted to give ken's new album the same treatment. i'm also adding the vamps album, because, well... i guess that's fair... and the new tori album, abnormally addicted to sin, because... i just got it and it's handy. yay music!! just the same as with every l'arc album, i'll grade every song on a 0-100 scale, 100 highest, and then average the scores for an album score. ^_^

VAMPS - VAMPSCollapse )
Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted to SinCollapse )

i'm happy to discuss if you like!
15th-May-2009 06:13 am - blind go reveal!!
so the reveal is up, so i can say... my fics were...

ten, chi, jin
An Approach toTsumego

and now i blather about my fics and the round in general...Collapse )

5th-May-2009 11:16 pm - blind go, round 007!
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...well, it's that time again! man, it's a good thing there's blind go, huh, or i'd never write anymore. =S annnnyway...

blind_go's fics are up. you can see the directory here, or just go to answer_key. there are 12 fics, 11 by undetermined authorage. guess which fic(s??) are mine, and win a prize! a prize? sure! a short work of fanfic of your prompting.

comments are screened, and just for a kicker, you get ONE guess this time! if you change your mind, just comment again. your last guess will count as "the" guess. i will neither confirm nor deny anything until the reveal. ^_~

enjoy, and most of all, just enjoy all the fics this round!!
19th-Feb-2009 11:00 pm - ficlets!
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manymany moons ago, long before anyone listed here could possibly remember, i offered up ficlets to my flist, asking for a number, a pairing/character, and a situation. i used the number to be the word count for the ficlet, and here we go!!

210 Kazahaya and RikuouCollapse )

194 Itachi/Deidara/cookiesCollapse )

39 Trowa/Heero palm treesCollapse )

50 Isumi springCollapse )

144 Fuji springCollapse )

74 Miyavi pinkCollapse )

25 Killua/Gon foreverCollapse )

192 Wufei and Duo fighting to be bossCollapse )

86 Ken photoshootsCollapse )

enjoy?? ^_^;;
9th-Jan-2009 05:02 am - late summary post...
2008, in words

so, i updated my webpage for the first time since march. =X there are 4 fics on the DC Comics side, and 53 on the anime/other side. also, i updated the backgrounds for some fandom's fics... i might update some more, not sure. ^_^;;; some wrap up thoughts...Collapse )
2nd-Jan-2009 04:03 am - blind go: mini round!!
hide me
the mini round's fics, ficlety treasures 100-500 words sized, went live tonight. huzzah! so, you can find the directory here, or just go to answer_key, and read the front page.

guessing, you say???? awww. i wasn't going to offer guessing prizes... but i guess i find my fellow co~mod doumeki sooooo damned inspiring...

so here are the rules!!

1. you can make three guesses total!
2. i will not confirm or deny anything until the reveal, which is...err.. jan 15th??? i think. yes!
3. if you are correct, you win a ficlety thing from me, yay! it will be of the fandom/character of your choice, and you will also pick the word count, any number at all between 100 and 500. if you wish to, you can leave your request with your guess, otherwise, you can give me your request when the reveals are done. ^_~

can you spot the trixie? am i easy to find, or hard??? whoknows!! but it doesn't really matter, because there's PLENTY of good hikago ficlety yummies there while you look!! ^_~
3rd-Dec-2008 04:55 am - trail hunter!
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trail_hunter is up and running, which you can see here. or just go to trailmapping. yay! hunter x hunter fics!! ...is it just me, or is there a lot of hisoka?? ^_^;; annnyway..

so it's time for THAT post... however, i'm putting down some rules. because i already feel immense guilt for the fics i owe peeps from the two previous guess the writer challenges done... ahah. soooo. here we go.

be the FIRST person to correctly identify which fic(s?) are mine, and i will write you a ficlety prize. or, if you prefer, i can make you icons or a wallpaper or a banner. *shrugs* ohay, i can even make you a fanmix. whatever you feel is most prizey! caveat... you only get ONE guess. yup, that's right. give me ONE author id, the first person to get it right gets the prize. yay!

happy... hunting???? ^_~
20th-Nov-2008 01:07 pm - MEGA SALE POST!
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Edited 1/23/09

All the items were sold! thank you very much!! if you still need to contact me about a sale, just comment here or email me.

thank you!!
11th-Nov-2008 05:22 am - subrosa fic: Country of Happiness
got you got me
so, a really long time ago, subrosa_tennis had it's reveal. my fic, correctly guess by many, it seems, but only for a prize by haruyuki, was...

Country of Happiness, PoT, Tezuka and Fuji ~ Twenty-five years later, so much has changed, but he only remembers a bit of it.
dedicated to my darling peta-chan, who inadvertantly inspired this. also, for nana. ♥

and in the tradition of verbosity, i shall now blather about it...Collapse )
27th-Oct-2008 04:38 am - holic/Sandman: if wishes were skies
got you got me
if wishes were skies, holic, Sandman ~ Yuuko entertains some Endless

of course, this isn't at all what i 'should' have been writing, but that's just how it works. ^_^;;;; ai, readerofseraph, maaya, i'm working on it!!

btw, if you're interested in subrosa_tennis, you can still guess which fic is mine hereif you like. #^_^#
17th-Oct-2008 10:41 pm - revealing bling_do....
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so, blind_go's reveals went up... uh... this last weekend... i'm behind. ^_^;;;;; somuchstuff goin' on. anyway. my fics were... interplanetary and Good hands.

well, i don't have much to say...Collapse )

can you believe i've taken half a week to write this up? O_o i sure can't...
11th-Oct-2008 03:55 am - subrosa!
one blind challenge is never enough, so i also did subrosa_tennis. the fics have now been posted, can read them from the directory or from ghost_racket directly.

and this post? yeah, it's THAT post... one of those fics is mine, guess which one, and i'll write you something! you get three guesses total, and i will not confirm or deny anything before the reveal, which i guess is nov 2nd. comments to this post will be screened. ^_~

happy reading, and happy hunting!! ^_^
2nd-Oct-2008 11:11 pm - bling_do, honestly
got you got me
normally, for bling_do, i keep a list of recs, but this time, it's gonna be a bit different... if you follow bling_do, you might have noticed that there was a bit of a Thing over a concrit thread possibility. well, whatever. as the goal was more discussion and whatnot, we the mods decided to start by discussing things ourselves! Chacun a son gout! herein lies 27 fic reviews, prefaced by some thoughts on the concept of concrit...Collapse )

have your own concrit? feel free to link, i'd love to see it, or comment here, or post to kifu archive... whatever!!

color my music
i have some wallpapers to share with you all. ^_^;;;; just don't get too excited...Collapse ) enjoy!!
20th-Sep-2008 03:48 am - bling_do! guessing!!
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huzzah! blind_go, round 6, smut-OR-gen, is up and running, 27 fics strong! the directory is here, or you can read answer_key's front page.

among those is one or two fics of mine. ^_~ guess my author id, and win a wee ficcie! here are the rules!!

1. you can make three guesses, either in one comment, or multiple comments.
2. i will not reply to any comments, will not be confirming or denying any guesses.
3. after the reveal, i'll reply to let you know if you won or not!

fun! and please enjoy ALL the fics at bling_do! eta: oh, yeah, this post is screened, too. ^_^
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*coughs discreetly* so, erm. i wrote this for the gundam00 fanfic contest... and... er, it won. #^_^# so, that's nice... but i can also finally post it! one quick note on the names...Collapse )

understayed, Alleluia/HalleluiaCollapse )
2nd-Aug-2008 01:14 pm - 3 Hikaru no Go fics
got you got me
fifthmus is posting now, and the fic i wrote for Mina is up, so... i actually ended up writing all three of her requests, because i'm weird, and her requests are inspiring. of course, only one was done by the deadline, ha, but... here we go!

Diverting Fortunes, Kaga/Tsutsui, for Mina and fifthmus ~ Tsutsui meets an old friend at an odd time

wonderwall, Mitani/AkariCollapse )

FusekiCollapse )

color my music
goodies and explanationCollapse )

oh, and since i AM on such a graphics bent, if anyone would like to request icons or wallpapers, feel free! and i'll see what i can do. ^_~
and so here are my last five fics for the june challenge. ^_^;;;; *flops!*

first time, HnG, Akira/Hikaru ~ Touya and summer

a minute more, Blood+, Riku and Haji ~ Riku watches and waits

set up, PoT, Tezuka/Fuji ~ The Freshman Trio try to do something good, but...

articles of ownership, Loveless, Ritsuka/Soubi ~ Ritsuka waits, and gets annoyed.

above and below, KKM/HnG ~ Murata plays an exhibition game.
23rd-Jun-2008 04:00 am - 3 fic links, 1 blood+, 2 GW
substance, Blood+, Saya/Haji ~ Saya listens.

regarding, GW, Noin and Treize ~ Noin and Treize, set during Episode Zero

excuses, GW, Tro/Duo ~ Trowa plans

nearing the end of the line for the june fic a day thing on fic on demand. any pairings/fandoms you'd like to see? since i seem to be tending to doing last minute work using "any" fandom requests a lot... ^_^;;;;;;
the good stuff, Iron Man, Pepper/Rhodes ~ Pepper and Rhodey commiserate over Tony's liquor dedicated to my rithy. ^_^

aftershocks, DGM, Reever/Komui~ish ~ Reever checks in on Komui

throwing away the sun: a birdcage with no door, DGM, Komui/Reever ~ the lengths Komui will go to and the things he will sacrifice to protect the ones he loves for 10_whores

seduction and courtship, DGM, Komui-> OFC, Lenalee ~ Komui becomes smitten

also, 29 komui icons, from recent manga chapters, so some spoilers

and finally, late to the party, but nonetheless... that Hikago meme that everyone has done...Collapse )
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