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12th-Jun-2008 04:29 am - four more fic links
not all rumors are, Executive Committee, Kubota/Tokito ~ Katsuragi gets some proof.

death wish, PMK, Hijikata/Okita, bloodplay... ~ Hijikata considers.

nerves, TRC, Syaoran crushing on Yukito ~ Syaoran can't control his reaction...

doublePleasure, Sweet Valley High, Elizabeth/Jess, smutty ~ on the eve of her special day, Elizabeth remembers...
8th-Jun-2008 03:00 am - 3 more fic links... plus...
sinking, GW, Zechs/Treizeish ~ Zechs forgot...

fun and games, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Zuko and Azula ~ Zuko enjoys freedom

cut off, Moon Child, Sho/Kei~ish ~ Sho is reminded...

since i'm doing my best to try to complete this challenge this year, i was wondering... are there any requests from the current list of unfulfilled you'd be interested in seeing? even if it's a fandom i've never written for... i might be willing to try it. ^_^;;;; also, from the list of total requests, since i'm not sure i'll be able to work just from the unfulfilled list, anyway.

got some interesting mail yesterday, so... have some scans for you. ^_^;; first up, is the L'Arc Theater of KISS photobook... 18 imagesCollapse )

also, got a Zy [zi:] magazine from nov/dec 2003 featuring Kiyoharu, so... 3 sampler images, d/l links for all 23 images, plus video d/l linksCollapse ) and as long as i'm sharing, i've also got screencaps of Kuroyume's Nite & Day video (yay for kusatta_uso, now i finally have a good version of it!) onto 51 screencapsCollapse )

share, enjoy, use, whatever! ^_^
been a bit remiss about posting these here, so there's a chance you've already seen these links... sorry! but... here's hoping this bodes well for more fics... ^_^;;;;;;

meaning in nothing, Firefly, River/Kaylee ~ River makes an impression on Kaylee

again, DCU, Harley/Ivy ~ Harley comes back home.

late night calls, HnG, Ashiwara/Saeki~esque ~ Before the pro exam, he can't sleep...

last, PoT, Tezuka/Fuji, dedicated to peta and nana ~ Fuji gets ready to leave.
25th-May-2008 06:13 am - blind go reveal!!
so, the blind go reveal is up... my three fics were...

Live Tonight ~ Nase makes a choice
Flight ~ on the way home from home
Losing Games ~ Kurata copes with a loss

blather? yeah, i can do that...Collapse )

and now, recs!!! the best ones... to me...Collapse )

5th-May-2008 09:25 am - blind go again!
i've got gravitation music on the brain, every time i think "blind go" i hear "blind game"... =p

it's that time again, for blind go round 5 fics to be posted! you can also go to answer_key to see them; there's a small bunch of round 5 fics on the second page.

somewhere in there is a fic (or two.. or three...) by me... guess CORRECTLY which one(s) it is (ie, what my author id was), and i'll write you a ficcie, prompt of your choice. ^_~ all will be revealed... soon. ^_^ comments here are screened, natch.

posting this here since my journal is flocked. anyone at all can feel free to take a guess! and please enjoy all of the hikaru no goness!!

*loves on blind_go*!!!

ETA: take as many guesses as you like. if you'd like to 'compete' in the official guessing for blind_go, just leave ALL your guesses in one post, or just tell me that you don't want confirmation/whatever. that way, you can have lots of guesses without disqualifying yourself.
this was written for the gundam_00 comm fic challenge. obviously, it didn't win anything, but... ^_^;;;; well, enjoy?

Confronting TomorrowCollapse )
30th-Apr-2008 06:48 am - icons: Kiyoharu, Hitoki, Kuroyume
sorry, once again, nonficishness, but i've got some writing done! sadly, all for challenges so i can't post... ^_^;;;;

onto iconness!Collapse )

19th-Apr-2008 03:38 pm - pieces of him, Seirei no Moribito
gasp, two fics in one day? hopefully, no oncoming apocolypse (a word i cannot spell...) is forthcoming... ^_~

pieces of him, Seirei no Moribito, Shuga, for egelantier on fic on demand ~ Shuga, in three scenes
3rd-Apr-2008 05:57 am - thank you!!
so sorry to be so late in saying this, but i want to thank everyone who commented to my last post here, and who voted in the poll. i wanted to reply to comments, but i also didn't want to, because i was more looking just to get some ideas and direction... but i want to wholeheartedly assure you that i read and appreciated every comment, and i found it all very helpful. some things, of course, are easier to fix than others... ^_^;;;;;; anyway, i hope you understand why i haven't replied. thank you so much.

i wanted to have fic done for this thanks post, since i've had way too many not fic posts here lately, but that didn't entirely work out, so... i do have wallpapers???? um. so YES, i have been having too much fun playing with seashore lately, but... ^_^;;;

2 nightwing, 1 l'arc, 1 kiyoharu, 1 hitoki, and 1 kuroyumeCollapse )

once again, thank you!!!!
8th-Mar-2008 03:24 pm - icons: L'Arc~en~Ciel, ZIGZO
got you got me
so it's something nonficcish again, but it's fannish... recently scanned some photobooks and tour pamphlets, so i was filled with the urge to icon. ^_^;;; so, here we go...

ZIGZO: Holidays in Chelsea, L'Arc: Life, Light My Fire postcards, Radioactive Liquid Light, 91 icons totalCollapse )

use and enjoy. ^_^;;;
19th-Jan-2008 03:37 am - L'Arc~en~Ciel Discography review
this is something i did in my journal, and i decided to post it here (with snazzy summary charts!) because my journal is locked, so just in case anyone wanted to discuss it with me, and also because i wanted it all neatly in one place.

ideaCollapse )
of course i have my biasesCollapse )


album rankingsCollapse ) ~ songs ~ best and worstCollapse ) ~ stats on each memberCollapse )

Dune to True
Heart to Real
Smile to KISS
Singles and P'unk

matte ne????
Singles/P'Unk~en~Ciel ~ singles, overallCollapse ) ~ single by singleCollapse ) of course, there's no overall score there... so we skip merrily onto p'unk songs... p'unk overallCollapse ) ~ p'unk song by p'unk songCollapse ) ~ p'unk in generalCollapse )

i'm going to add the post-KISS singles here, until they have (or do not have) a place on an album of their own: addendum:Collapse )
16th-Jan-2008 08:37 pm - 2 l'arc ken/tetsu fics
ahhhh, i write so incredibly slowly lately... so, three fics, two angsty, one smutty and highly ooc for ken... *coughs* erm, but because the last one is smutty, i figure, should put it in its own post and label/rate/whatever it. =p anyway. these are poorly proofed, ie, just read them through once, and they won't be posted to my site (whut? i wrote rps??? huh? heh.) also, for those of you with sadly no interest in l'arc, don't despair, i haven't fallen down the rabbit hole (heh) entirely, this will likely be a one-off. just can't spend THIS much time staring at them without my brain doing weird things, it seems. ^_^;;;

taking the fall, angsty, ken and tetsuCollapse )
call on me, less angsty, ken and tetsuCollapse )
technically, a day/hour or so early, but i've already been to church, so it's already the epiphany for me? =p

EpiphanyCollapse )
trudging through to tuesdayCollapse )

i'm well aware that this will work better with... a bit more support via more fics. we'll see. >_> i promise nothing so i can't break a promise. ^_~
this is late... ._____. sorrysorry!!! tried to finish it up last night, but really could not stay awake... meep. butbutbut!!!! still comes with all my feelings. *snugs* merry christmas, to aggy, and to all!!!

WinterCollapse )
er... i can't remember now if i've proofed this or not. >_> so hopefully... and... still christmas here!!! ^_^

When we were gone astray: ChristmasCollapse )
*sighs* i meant this to be an ongoing project for the holiday season, but as you can see, i'm a bit behind. HOWEVER. the fic is now COMPLETELY done, so... definitely will post on time from now on. (it's still the third sunday here!!!) so...

When we were gone astray, DGM, Komui, First Sunday in Advent: ransom captiveCollapse )

Second Sunday of Advent: the path of knowledge showCollapse )

Third Sunday of Advent: dark shadows put to flightCollapse )
this post is now closed, and all sales are done. if you have any questions about a sale that was already transacted here, please email me. some sales have moved to ebay, so if you want info on that, email me. ^_~

i'm sorry about doing this, it won't happen often, promise, but since i've taken my journal f~o, i'm a little reluctant to do this there, so... selling post. i organized my shelves and cleared off some things and i've collected a number of things that i no longer want / will never have time to read. and some other goodies... so...

to distract people who are only here for the fic... *coughs* a little while ago, i started a project to compile all my manga reviews in one place, so... this is the fruit of my labor. i'll be updating that periodically, so... enjoy the recs and extremely short reviews???

the skinneh on buying from me and pricing, etc...Collapse )
the items themselves, then...
unused Christmas cards...Collapse )
various mangaCollapse )
booksCollapse )
Gundam SEED packageCollapse )
dvdsCollapse )
OVER 18 SECTION - yaoi mangaCollapse )
comicsCollapse )

happy shopping??? and thank you for looking.
28th-Oct-2007 10:06 pm - threefer: Mushishi, Gintama, and PoT
smoke, shadow, and light, Mushishi, Ginko and Adashino ~ Ginko heals, with Adashino's help

these next two are for two lovely ladies on their birthdays... late... and short. .____. i'msorry!!! you both deserve better, but... here's hoping you enjoy this?? *snugs!!!*

sweet dreams, Gintama, Okita/Hijikata, for nanaCollapse )

blue skies, PoT, Tezuka/Fuji, for aggyCollapse )

10th-Oct-2007 05:42 am - blind go reveal!
my fic is between Black and White is Red, HnG, Akari/Hikaru implied, Akari/Mitani ~ She won't give up the search, she won't abandon him, no matter what…

recs!!Collapse )

and now i blather about myself...Collapse )
21st-Sep-2007 10:24 pm - blind go!
it's that time again, for blind go round 4 fics to be posted! you can also go to answer_key to see them; all the round 4 entries are on the front page.

somewhere in there is a fic by me... guess CORRECTLY which one it is, and i'll write you a wee ficcie, prompt of your choice. ^_~ all will be revealed... in two weeks. ^_^ comments here are screened, natch.

posting this here since my journal is flocked. anyone at all can feel free to take a guess! and enjoy the hng~AU~crossover~goodness!

woot, i finally wrote something! T____T has my slump finally come to an end? *mutters something unhopeful* le sighs.

my Brave Master, spoilers for Deathly HallowsCollapse )
13th-Jul-2007 03:51 am - update
posting a note here to say i updated my webpage, though everything there has already been here, so...

links!Collapse )

randomly, i've discovered that i have two PoT fics named the one you're with, slightly different formatting of the titles for each... both tezzie/fuji fics. ha. this is a clear sign that i have too many tezzie/fuji fics, isn't it? *sheepish* i should rename one, but... *lazy*
26th-Jun-2007 09:51 pm - PoT: permission, for my peta
yay, i wrote something! *sheepish*

permission, Tezuka/Fuji and AtobeCollapse )
17th-Jun-2007 04:03 am - DGM: In Thanks for Heka, the rest
In Thanks for Heka: Innovation, Support, Future, Charity, Passion

let's see... in order, that's Komui with... Timcampy, Reever, Allen, Miranda, and Cross. and that's the end of the fic, only a few days late. =p er, enjoy? ^_^;;;;
5th-Jun-2007 04:27 am - DGM: In Thanks for Heka: Wisdom
In Thanks for Heka: Wisdom, DGM, Komui and Bookman, day 4 (eh?) of komui_love fest...

*waves to the people* i don't normally say anything 'cept the fics here, but lately i've been sorta curious, so...

if you're reading this, i'd really love it if you dropped me a comment. you can post anonymously, you can ask me a question, ask one of my characters a question, ask about a fic... whatever. if you're just a lurker, i promise not to bite! if you're just a passerbyer... just say hi, anything. *sheepishly smiles*
1st-Jun-2007 06:37 am - DGM: In Thanks for Heka: Inception
In Thanks for Heka: Inception, DGM, Komui and Lenalee, for the komui_love celebration fanworks raffle

with a little luck and then a lot more luck on top of that, this is the first of 13 komui fics for the celebration. ^_~
26th-May-2007 05:02 am - HnG: A Game of Exile
yay, i finally have something for you! except... anyone who is interested has possibly already read. =X whoops. ^_^;;;;;;

A Game of Exile, HnG, Blind Go round 3 submission, Waya/Isumi ~ a year taken out of their lives i won the total theme challenge for this, gasp! o_o yayme!

hopefully, i'll get back into the groove of writing again soon. well. the komui_love celebration fanworks raffle is about to start, so... ^_~

and, oh, i should maybe blather about my blind go fic? normally, i'd do that in my journal, but since it's f-o now... i'll subject ya'll to the blather!Collapse )
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