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watches the butterfly drift by...

drifting from dream to dream

chasing butterflies...
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welcome to chasing butterflies...

if you are here looking for the fics of trixie_chick, then you should go here: [archiveofourown.org profile] trixiechick. i'm essentially really lazy, so from now on, new fics will be posted to my AO3 account. this comm will remain open to house all the old fics, plus continue with discussion, recs, and reviews as posted before. all fics will eventually find their way home to my website.


why chasing butterflies? because i'm obsessed with butterflies (partially loveless' fault). did you know that in japan, the butterfly represents a lost soul? nifty, huh?

these fluttering works of fiction are purely for the fun of it, and i make no money or profit from the playing with them. my idea of fun generally includes two 2D guys gettin' it on, so if that's not your idea of fun, scoot your cute little butt off to sunnier climes.


you can't be a member of this comm, but you are welcome to friend it. please feel free to comment at will, but keep in mind that i have control over the delete key, so if you have bad manners, i'll just kick you out. also, if you do not have a livejournal, or do not feel like signing in, please sign your comments, so i know who to address my responses to, thanks.


i will be tagging each entry by fandom, and you can see the list of tags here.


the butterfly that is so ubiquitous on this site was made by the fabulous nil_from_hell, and you can see the original here. *happy sigh* sopretty!!! couldn't resist using it all over the place. ^_^


thanks, and have fun!

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