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Ouran Host Club: Revolutionary Étude

title: Revolutionary Étude

author: trixie

disclaimer: not mine

summary: Tamaki is a distraction to Kyouya

notes: for peta-love, because she rocks. like a LOT! *loves on peta*

takes place during tamaki's and kyouya's first year.


Tamaki was singing in French.

It wasn't an unpleasant sound. In fact, Tamaki had an exceptionally fine voice, and a much better than average sense for music. He was a dramatic person in general, so he was perfectly suited to music. If he wasn't the heir to the Suoh name, perhaps he could even pursue it as a career. It would make him happier. And those long, fine fingers could tickle the ivory keys of beautiful pianos around the world.

That was his problem. Tamaki was distracting. He was all the time, really, but when he was playing, he was worse. And when he was singing…

Kyouya just wanted to listen.

He was, unfortunately, supposed to be doing the records for the club. Honestly, he had no idea why Tamaki wanted to start this sort of club. Obviously, he wanted to do something that would impress his grandmother. But this…

Snacks for Honey-senpai were expensive, and they were still building up a customer base. Tamaki was probably unaware to a large degree of the amount of work that was involved in running the club. Still, without Tamaki's natural charm, there wouldn't be any point. And he had good instincts on who to recruit. Kyouya had some ideas on merchandising and PR that would help.

He was the only one who needed to be here at that hour. It was his fault for not having it done sooner, after all. But Tamaki stayed with him, and uncovered the piano. And started to sing. Because he was the president, so he should lock up. Kyouya had said it wasn't necessary, but Tamaki wasn't that great at listening to people. He was better than Kyouya expected at hearing what people really meant, but he didn't really listen.

Maybe he should have passed on the Third Music Room when the Chairman offered it. But there really wasn't any other space.

Tamaki's fingers stopped, and his voice trailed off. He turned, and smiled at Kyouya. "Are you almost done?"

"Almost," Kyouya replied with a smile.

Tamaki nodded, but he got up from the piano. "Can I help?"

He was so eager, and cute. Well. Dashing, perhaps, was a better word. But he wasn't really suited to pencil work. "I've got it. Why don't you sing some more?"

"It's not bothering you?" Tamaki asked, sitting down next to Kyouya to look over his accounting sheet. "You seem distracted. At least, I think you seem that way, while I'm singing, anyway."

"You have a beautiful voice," Kyouya shrugged unselfconsciously. "It's all right, though. I like to listen."

"Do you?" Tamaki got more excited, and leaned forward, taking Kyouya's hand. "Ah, I'll sing for you anytime you like! I can sing you a song my mother taught me. I used to sing and play for her all the time. She was always sick. I had to cheer her up. You think it helped, right? Since you like it… Maman probably did, too. It did help, actually. She loved to hear me play. Do you want me to play something special for you? I don't know many Japanese songs yet, but I can play most anything classical. Oh, I was going to sing that song Maman taught me! Right, right, wait right here! After this, Kyouya, do you want to have dinner with me at my house?" He stood up, but he was still holding Kyouya's hand.

Kyouya looked at his hand, surrounded by Tamaki's. He liked the way Tamaki's voice sounded when he was speaking French, even if it was just a word. He liked the warm and innocent way that Tamaki spoke about his mother, conjuring up cozy images of Tamaki at his sick mother's bedside. He liked the way Tamaki's skin felt, and he liked the way Tamaki's eyes sparkled as he looked at Kyouya like this. Honestly, it was like he was one of Tamaki's customers… only this wasn't an act on Tamaki's part. And Kyouya genuinely liked it.


He smiled benignly. His father… would be pleased he was getting close to the Suoh heir. And.

That wasn't the reason at all, but it was still something he could profit from, so he didn't need to question it deeper.

"I'd like that. I've got a bit more to do, Tamaki, so. Please sing for me."

"Absolutely!" Tamaki beamed, and he gracefully rushed back to the piano. Kyouya tightened his grip on his pencil.

It was definitely very interesting.



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