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Hikago Deathmatch and announcement

firstly... i've decided to post all new fics from now on to my shiny new AO3 account, [ profile] trixiechick. i'm not closing this community, as i'll still use it for discussion, sales posts, recs, and reviews, as i have in the past, but i won't post new fics here anymore. they will now go to AO3. if there is anyone following this comm that has a serious desire for links to be posted here, let me know. otherwise, you can just assume that this is how it is for now. thanks!!

in other news, for a little over a month now, [community profile] hikarunogo has been running a deathmatch! right now, the final round is going, and the two last teams are still awaitin' votes. firstly, if you haven't voted yet, or haven't been aware of it yet, go and check it out! the finals are right here. you don't need to have a dw account to vote, but i believe you need to join that comm using openid or something, as there were problems with possible troll voting in the early rounds.

however, i'm too much of a blind goer to just let this go, so...

How about some guessing fun???

i participated in deathmatch. right now, all the fics that are going to posted to deathmatch have been posted, and can be read here: [personal profile] uchikomi.

Can you guess which pseudonym is mine??

Any incorrect guess will win a 100-250 word ficlet from me!
Guess my team, but the wrong member, and get a 251-400 word ficlet from me!
Guess me correctly, and win a 401-1000 word ficcie from me!!

Pretty simple, right?? once finals are over and all participants are free to reveal themselves, i'll go ahead and reveal.

Comment to this post, give me your guess and your prompt for a ficlet (i would prefer a prompt for a fandom i'm familiar with, but just give me whatever prompt you like, and i'll let you know if it's a no-go.) You can change your guess if you like just by commenting again. i'll go based on your last guess. i think friday is when it'll all be over, so i'll do my best to get the ficlets written this weekend. (Er... assuming anyone guesses...) All comments will be screened during the guessing phase, but i'll probably unscreen to reply when it's over.

Enjoy reading, there's PLENTY of good deathmatch stuff out there (and when i reveal myself, i'll also have a bunch of recs, cuz seriously, there was a LOT of good stuff posted in the past month-and-change). and vote, if you so choose!!

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